Captain Fawcett’s – The Gentleman’s Stiffener

I know, I know… It’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog… Other than just admitting that I have been procrastinating, I will claim that I have been taking a little time to try some new moustache waxes (both are true, by the way).

During the past couple weeks, I have tried a few waxes, which in theory should mean I have a few reviews to do… It’s true, I do indeed have a couple to catch up on, but during that time I was also spending some time working on my wax technique.

I am still far from being an expert in the application of moustache wax, but I have started using a different technique, some of the past couple weeks has been spent re-trying the waxes I have already talked about… I am happy (and also not so happy) to announce that nothing has changed on that front… They all performed exactly as I already discussed. No change in ratings… YET.

The change in technique turns out to be only a change to my preferred look of moustache. Previously I had been just putting the wax in, quickly combing it and giving it a little twist, sometimes with a quick hair dryer action if the wax is super stiff. Recently I have been using the hair dryer every time, and paying much closer attention to the combing. I find that this technique (though taking twice as long) leaves my moustache looking much more naturally classy, as opposed to unnaturally slicked. Score one for trial and error!!

Moving on to the topic at hand…

Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax – “The Gentleman’s Stiffener”

This wax was recommended to me by Jamin from Stache Bomb fame. He had good things to say about the maker of Captain Fawcett and the product.

I was very excited to find that this wax comes in 3 different scents, and without a second of hesitation I chose one of my all time favorite smells… Sandalwood! (the other scents are Lavendar and Ylang Ylang…. What in the bloody hell is Ylang Ylang??!)

As this wax comes from jolly ole England, you would expect it to take much longer to arrive than anything coming from our southern neighbor the Great White North is attached to…


Not so much… All hail the British Commonwealth!

4 days… From England to my mailbox. Across a bloody ocean, most of Canada and to my mailbox in 4 DAYS! (in comparison, I recently had something sent to me from California that took a month)

The USA sure has some things to learn about shipping!

When the package arrived, it was a glorious sight! A fancy little bag, complete with logo and is accompanied by a couple postcards complete with a hand fawcett_jarNbagwritten note… brilliant!

I could smell the sandalwood without even opening the bag…. Wonderful!  This is the second wax (Cowboy Comb is the other) that I would consider a brand as opposed to just a product, you can even find the journal of Captain Fawcett on their website.  Very well branded with an old school feel.

Once I finally opener the bag, I found a strange little glass jar, not a tin at all… I am on the fence about this jar. In one hand, the jar is cool, looks very classy and professional, with great labeling… On the other hand, it’s big, and doesn’t fit as subtly into the pocket without causing an odd little bulge that no man in his right mind would be proud of… I have decided to consider the jar a non-issue, to avoid any unnecessary head exploding… Moving on… again

This stuff smells AWESOME (my wife agrees, this is her favorite one)… If you like sandalwood… Since it smells so amazing, I was quite happy when I discovered that the smell sticks around.  Most wax scents fade away, but I pick up wafts of sandalwood the entire time while wearing the good Captain’s wax.

fawcett_openThe color is the typical neutral yellowish I have come to consider… normal.  It’s a great color, because it pretty much vanishes when you use it… especially when you heat it up with the dryer.

On to the hold… For me, I would call this one a medium hold, similar to the hold of the Firehouse dark wax that I talked about before. The wax does well for a few hours, but I found that it needed a couple of touch ups throughout the day… Which means… More Sandalwood!

HOORAY! Seriously though… HOORAY!

If I look past the glory of smelling sandalwood, it is actually a bit of a pain needing to re-apply the wax after a couple of hours.

I very much like this wax overall. But, not quite as much as the Cowboy Comb wax. It’s a high quality wax with great packaging and amazing smell, if only it was a hair stiffer… (punderful)

To sum it all up…

This is a great wax, many dudes are going to be very happy using Captain Fawcett exclusively, and if you happen to be a dude living in Canada, you will have this stuff in your mailbox long before anything from the USA. (Are there any Canadian wax makers out there!!?), so… if shipping speed is a consideration, that is a big plus for this one.

If you want to pick up some Captain Fawcett… It will run you 8.50 British pounds, which is a hair under $14US… plus shipping… A bit on the pricey side compared to the other waxes available but it really is a good wax that I can almost say is worth a little extra, for the sandalwood alone!  You can find it at the Captain Fawcett’s official website.

Current Ratings (click on the names to go to the sites):
1. Cowboy Comb
2. Captain Fawcett’s
3. Hndlebars
4. Firehouse (dark)
5. Stache Bomb
6. Doctor Ganix

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